sunnuntai 20. joulukuuta 2020

Decoration work during corona time 2020

This blog has been silent long enough. The rythm of the world has changed lately a lot and the logickal reason for posting activity before this was obvious: we were planning/manufacturing/decorating and no time to nerd and stuff. So the new normal started in march and we had to figure out what to do. All gigs were cancelled during 6 months and nothing certain was in sight. So this was perfect time to get inspired, travel, learn new skills and test new techniques. 
My personal goal was to create a new deco setup themed by black and white colors, tekno music and mathemathics. And to combine it with realtime rendered visuals (videomapping). As many of you may know, older Decotiimi's art pieces are done by crocheting. And crocheting is counting stitches right? So what if mathemathical structures of rendered visual videos were combined to crochet patterns?

The most facinating structure with visuals has been Lindenmayer System, structure for example of branches and plants. 
You can see more info here:

So basicly the drawing structure goes by determinating starting angle, drawing length of the premise and position, angle and number of generations. I could tweak this to the crochet pattern by using tulle fabric's "cell structure" as a base, the cells are forming 30, 60, 120  degree angles. The best looking pattern was calculated by creating 50 stitches from the center upwards, turning 60 degrees and reducing 10 stitches from the length of the "line" and continue til there was 10 left and mirror the same backwards. 

L-System based crochet installation + themed paintings for birthday party

Private music gathering, decorations & visuals

With the crochet pieces I added some classic lycra elements and mesh fabric to make videomappings. White fabric is nice background for mapping some colorful effects on top.

LaavU anniversary @ Oulu, deco + visuals

Visual setup & controlling

Private music night

Visuals on top of the deco set, mapped on sewn & painted lycra + mesh hologram effect, Vid. by Miika

And the same L-system effect can be seen in visuals too:

Drawing L-Systems for visuals, TouchDesigner

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