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Rave UG Canarias Report 2018

Long time has passed without updates here, life has been full of work lately. During last summer & fall Decoteam attended multiple events, Kosmos Festival, Club Infektio, Club Interface, Bermuda Garthering & Laavu's 3rd anniversary. We also did own events in Kuopio, Voemas 10th anniversary celebration with club party & underground party, Psyyskuu and Pieni joulu. New year changed in Tampere where we celebrated Gothic Night and heard Riot Kittens gig for the first time. Pics can be seen on Facebook.

This year started with the first abroad gig ever. (OMFG) I have been travelling to Canarias almost each year and now had a chanse to make party there. Past year while spending one week at Gran Canary I visited local underground party and made a new wonderful friend, Rocio. Later that year she visited Kosmos Festival with us and we started planning to make our own fiesta. 

All planning was made beforehand via Facebook, Rocio handled all the connections in the island and I helped making poster graphics & a Facebook event. To make things more epic, I collaborated with DJ Noizu from Club Infektio to throw a set in the party. The venue was the same as before, an old concrete bunker near Las Palmas, at Barranco Seco. It has been a very popular party venue during last 10 years.

Party venue after cleaning up

The local party organizers JairaSoundsystem and THC Crew handled the DJ gear and sound for the party and my job was to bring decorations and lights. As a cheaply living hippie, it was obvious to travel only with hand luggage so some next level planning & tetris skills were needed. A random cheap bag was found from flea market, perfect for the job. A small and effective enough Uv light was found from Discoland, other led lights I borrowed from friends. The most compact deco set for travelling was lycra, crochet pieces and few paintings along with installation gear, yarn, clips, cable ties etc. All sharp objects we had to buy or lend from the island.

All things fit in the bag and we were ready to go. During the first days of the week we gathered all the accessories for decorating and met the local crew. We also went to the venue to do some serious cleaning. Okay, Finnish hippies can be tidy. At the venue there was literally 10 cm thick pile of shit in all corners. Bottles, cigarette ends, plastic mugs and enough abandoned clothes to dress up all our DJs. With the motivated crew we swiped away all the trash in few hours. 

All the trash

Next target for the day was a local supermarket to get cheap beer for the party. A lot of cheap beer. 500 cans would do. There was no need for gym after carrying around all those cans :D

Beer hunting

Some preview deco installations:

On the partyday we prepared our stuff and made enough food to survive the night. 6 hours were dedicated for decorating. The more the merrier. It was a bit of a challengs to put up deco on concrete walls. In Finland most of the venues are wooden cottages so this was a difficult one. Also we didnt have a ladder, but a human ladder did help:

Human ladder in progress

Luckily there was a lot of nails and hooks on the walls so we managed to hang the decorations. The setup was improvised on the spot as always. This time it was important to avoid dirt and dust, so placing the decorations right was essential. Here you can see the final result:

Team Finland was here! >:)
Live decorations and glowworms~ UV make up for visitors was also provided <3
In the end there visited around 300 persons in the party and the local crew and crowd warmly welcomed our working effort, deco and music with multiple commends<3 So epic things done and this team will return for sure!

Here you can see a videoclip from DJ Noizu's set:

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